Gene expression analysis workshop

This 2.5 day bioinformatics course is presented by the Centre for Genomic Research and the Computational Biology Facility at the University of Liverpool. It primarily focuses on practical computer sessions designed to provide delegates with hands-on experience of the informatics involved in analysing RNAseq datasets to detect and measure differential gene expression and the use of multi-omic integration to predict key driver genes and genesets. Further iterations of the workshop will be announced in due course.

The follow topics will be covered in the workshop:

Sequencing quality control (fastQC & sickle)
Linux refresher
RNAseq alignment to genomic reference (tophat2, samtools)
Basic R introduction
Differential gene expression analysis (R, edgeR)
Multi-omics integration

Attendees are required to have basic linux command line skills. Candidates can be advised on how to gain these skills in an easy and free manner. For more information on the workshop and required prerequisites please contact Matthew Gemmell (