Do you have an idea to develop a systems biology project but lack a strong mathematical or computational expertise? Would you like to write a grant to do a large scale clinical study? Have you done or are you planning to do some omics analyses during your research? Do you have some data but you are not very sure on how to best analyse it? Do you want to learn the foundations of computational biology that best suit your research questions?
 If you have answered yes to any of those questions DATARAMA is for you.


DATARAMA is an event to be held at the University of Liverpool on the 19th and 20th of February 2018. During this event,  CBF staff will provide a detailed plan, advice and explanations to a selection of up to 6 projects including a full budgeted report and help with further funding application. This will be achieved by a combination of tutorials to explain the methodological approach in a non-specialist language and small group discussions to help the development of a full research plan.

What is the structure of the event?



On the 19th of February we will have a large session open to anybody that would like to learn about the rationale, theory and tools including  different pipelines for major data analyses including multi-omics integration, biological networks and protein structure and modelling. We will run through a variety of topics including real life examples and describing the state-of-the art techniques to get the most of your data.

Check out our provisional agenda for the 19th of February:

Time Session
9.00-9.20 Registration
9.20-9.45 Welcome talk. The CBF and what we can do for you
9.45-10.20 How to design a multi-omics study using a data driven approach
10.20-11.45 COFFEE
11.45-11.25 Biomarker discovery: finding the needle in the haystack
11.25-12.05 Breaking the code of signalling networks: omics data unveils novel cellular mechanisms
12.05-12.40 ROUND TABLE 1/scientific discussion/Q&A
12.40-13.45 LUNCH
13.45-14.25 Oracular powers of molecular fingerprinting: discovery of unknown and new drug targets using omics analyses
14.25-15.05 A protein-centric view of systems
15.05-15.30 Beyond excel- from spreadsheets to databases. Creating systems from data analyses
15.30-15.45 COFFEE
15.30-16.20 ROUND TABLE 2 /scientific discussion/Q&A
16.20-16.30 Closing remarks

Selected groups will be invited for a second day (20th of February) when we will discuss the specific analyses, steps, budgeting and possible funding application for their project.

How are the research projects selected?

We want to have a wide variety of projects from different disciplines and would like to showcase the best. Thus, we are asking YOU to submit your ideas. If you have an interesting project to tackle involving bioinformatics analyses and you would like for us to come up with a realistic plan that would enhance your research outputs, finalise a manuscript or provide with further evidence for a grant proposal, submit your interest by filling up this form. A number of projects will be selected following peer review. Then, our team will come up with the most interesting pipeline to follow and the outputs will be presented for public discussion at DATARAMA. Don’t worry confidential research will be kept undisclosed.


How do I register to attend?

Whether you have submitted a project or  you only wish to attend and see the wide variety of projects that we will be showcasing, please fill in this form. This is an exclusive event with very limited places and preference will be given to people that have submitted a project.

How much does registration cost?

Registration is FREE of charge for all University of Liverpool staff & students and all members of Institutions with a current agreement with the Technology Directorate. If you are interested to join us but you are not affiliated with any of the above mentioned institutions please contact us personally.


Will any of the projects get funding to be analysed?

Yes. The best project will be awarded a TD voucher so we can undertake the work proposed.