R for data science- intermediate level course

The inaugural session of this course for the first week of September 2019 (3rd-6th). It will be a 3.5 day course that will build up on the contents from our R for beginners course. In this course you will learn how to implement these 10 point learning objectives in R (among others). Deadline for registration is the 4th of August.

  1. To write your own custom functions
  2. To use for loops, apply functions and if statements
  3. To analyse large matrices of data in a semi-automated way
  4. To normalise data
  5. To quantify and correct batch effect
  6. To undertake the most common clustering algorithms including k-means and hierarchical
  7. To perform variable selection and present these results in different plots including heatmaps
  8. To do 2-way ANOVA
  9. To undertake multivariate modelling
  10. A brief introduction to machine learning

The course will include brief theoretical introductions followed by hands on exercises based on real life research examples. Registration is now open. Please fill in this form to pre-register for this course. Places are extremely limited and participants will be selected based on both knowledge base and motivation appraised by the responses below. Participants will be selected in two rounds 15th July and 4th August and contacted a few days after with selected applicants offered a position no later than the 7th of August. Note however that confirmation of attendance will be finalized when the registration fee is paid. As this is the first iteration of the course note that attendance is heavily subsidised, specially for University of Liverpool staff and students.The fees are:

  • £350 University of Liverpool delegates
  • £550 Other Academic Institutions* delegates
  • Industry delegates may submit an application and will be quoted in individual basis.

*Note that participants from Institutions part of the Technology Directory Memoranda of Understanding may access a 20% discount on the fee. These institutions are the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool John Moores University, University of Keele, University of Chester and Royal Veterinary College, London. Simply note down your affiliation in this form and the discount will be applied automatically.

Coffee breaks and lunches are included within the registration fee.