Meet the Engineers

Would you like software development support?

  • Others to use your methodology whilst you retain control?

  • A complex workflow automated?

  • Interactive visualisation of your network data?

  • Datasets formalised in a database with online access?

  • Machine learning techniques applied to your problems?

  • A 50% subsidy under the Technology Directorate voucher scheme?

The CBF software engineers are here for you! Our engineers are fluent in multiple programming languages and up-to-date with cutting edge algorithmic and graphical techniques. Tempered by years of industry experience they work together as a professional team motivated to help you get the most from your experiments and to ensure your findings are accessible to the world. You can check some examples of our software engineers work here.

We are always interested in hear about different research studies and we are here to help. Come along and chat to Professor Andy Jones and his team about your work on one of these half an hour sessions:

Register your interest here.